New Series of songs!!!

2008-03-09 13:39:11 by dude512

Hey ya'll! I've created the first 2 of the Totally Rock Series! GO CHECK 'EM OUT! =p

Remix of shorty songs!! 002

2008-02-17 15:30:19 by dude512

I'm working o a remix of shorty songs 002 so expect it soon!

Check out ma cool songs!

2008-02-17 15:24:49 by dude512

Yay! I didn't relise they actually got into the portal w00t!


2008-01-05 05:45:19 by dude512

w00t im so exited to use it!!! i used to draw with a mouse !! YEAH!! lol =P

How Ya'll

2007-11-20 13:23:50 by dude512

Hi I'm New And I'm well...dude512! Um Just Wanna Say,.........................HOW YA'LL?